TMB35 Talman Short Scale Bass Ramp

My thumb demands this

Also experimented with a way to 3D print the ramp so that it has a simulated wood grain

I prefer ramps on my bass but there was no readily available ramp for the Ibanez TMB35 so I made my own. This is my first PJ style ramp and I had 2 goals. First is to ensure that it fits as snugly as possible and second is that it has a wood grain aesthetic to it.

This is the final design for my TMB35 bass ramp. The height profile was designed so that it lies flush to the pickups at the various interfaces .

Some careful gcode editing and sanding was needed to get the wood grain pattern in a 3D printed part but it ended up being trivial.

Top of the pickguard is offset 2.3mm from the top of the guitar, I set a distance of 2.5mm to accommodate some 3M tape. It has been 3 weeks and the ramp double side taped to the pickguard shows no sign of going anywhere. There were no convenient screws in the existing pickguard layout but I would have considered adding new screws had the double side tape idea proved unfeasible.

I don’t think I shall be sharing the 3D model for this. Some of the measurements returned very arbitrary numbers likely due to factory tolerances when the pickups were installed and I doubt it will be as good a fit when plug and played on another TMB35.

[22/03/23] I decided to share the 3D model, it may need some tweaking to fit your TMB35.

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