How to model a 3 sided die in Inventor


Seriously, this thing only looks good from one angle

Modelling a 3 sided die can be a simple affair. OR you could be using Inventor which loves to be randomly r-word. We have a love hate relationship, mostly hate for the fillet feature.
I believe some other CAD programs have zero issues with this method of modelling. In which case, just create a cube and apply fillets (radius = cube length) at three non-intersecting orthogonal edges and then you are done.
Attempting that in Inventor however gets weird artifacts which are different depending on the order you select the edges. Weird but I’m used to this program being that way, we just have to work around it.

bro, please.

Since the fillet tool has failed again, we have to cut the 3 fillets manually.
Do this by creating circles centered at those 3 edges and getting the intersection of the cube and the cylinder extruded by the circles.

I’m planning to 3D print this and it really isn’t aesthetic, it’s more like an elongated twisted 3 sided football.
Call me old-fashioned but I prefer my dice cubes / spherical – ish.

Making it more spherical / dice-like. In my case, I rotated a semi circle along the axis of the die and got the intersection of the die and the sphere.

Is this spinning? It should be spinning. I hope it spins.

Speaking of printing this, the die will always fall in a way where the other 2 faces point upwards. Do people using 3 sided dice take the roll value to be the side that is facing downwards? While not exactly a difficult feat, I think most people would prefer something more brain-dead. Embossing a number in each of the three center ridges would do well.
I would not 3D print numbers, I run my printer with 0.6 or 0.8mm nozzles and that doesn’t reproduce fine features well.
For me, I would print embossed dots in place of numerals.

Download the Inventor .ipt model at my GrabCad page:

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