Making a 3D Model of the Ding3000 Join Table

Popsicle legs~

Should I build my own?

Decided to model this table I came across on the internet, DING3000 – Join Table. Just to figure out how it slides together and what angle chamfer was needed on the legs to let it sit flush to the ground and also hold the table top well.

It’s a pretty simple design, the pieces slide together leaving a cubical space in between. Several details are key to this design;
-The planks have to be triple the width of the slots.
-The slots have to be the same width as the plank thicknesses.
-The chamfer angle needed on the edges for the entire thing to sit flush with the ground is arctan(1/sqrt2).
-The slot corners have to have the same angle as the chamfered edges.
Thank me later.

Done done~

I probably won’t be building this, getting that chamfer angle with a router would be difficult. Unless I 3D print a router guide… Maybe maybe maybe…

She does look temptingly cute though

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