Obligatory Hello World~!

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Kobayashi Kiyochika

Hello world!

I started this website as a spiritual successor to my previous website which was dedicated to showcasing some of my projects and largely geared towards being a supplementary online portfolio to my resume. That was in 2015, right as I was leaving university and started going for interviews.

What happened with that previous website was, I had it hosted under my friend’s own website under a subdomain. More or less freeloading, am I right? Thing is I got hired and didn’t bother uploading for a long time because life got hectic. Eventually I even forgot the FTP login details, etc; you know how these things go. One day my friend tells me his site was having issues with viruses and he had to wipe it. That’s pretty much the end of that, I have an old backup somewhere in the HDD graveyard but I’d rather not post a whole bunch of older projects. Instead I would rather focus on what interests me right now.

The worst part about film cameras? FILM.

The old stuff was mostly my adventures with high voltage electricity, flyback transformers, cockcroft-walton generators, tesla coils. Some drawings and film photography, repairing old soviet film cameras like the FED-1 and Zorki. For a short while, I was performing harmonica and melodica tuning and repairs as a side gig. There was also a fair amount of 3D printing and 3D modelling content.


Right now, my 3D printer is out for good, I really have to shop for a replacement soon. I’m highly proficient in 3D printing and parametric modelling, maybe we’ll see more of that when I finally bite the bullet on a new printer. In the meantime, I’m back to traditional fabricating methods, largely focused on building guitar effects pedals currently. There are times I think to myself, damn, I could have printed this or that, that would be cool with this pedal. Like I said, one day soon.

Thanks for coming to my “Hello world!” post.

See you space cowboy~

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