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I’m tired!

I have been having a rough time lately. Intense work hours, packed deadlines, large projects and a lot of difficult situations / customers. The fatigue and stress slowly creep up on you. They start to eat into many other aspects of your life. There is a lot I could say but simply put: I am not happy right now.

Looking forward to October, there will be a short lull in between ongoing projects. I might take a week long leave for some much needed R&R.

Hobby wise, lately I have been working on:
– a bulbasaur speaker
– my own approach to the Vox AmPlug for my bass (I got sick of being tethered down by all the wires during practice)
– an acetone mist chamber for smoothing ABS based 3D prints

“boom” mist

The headphone plug and Bulbaspeaker are already completed. I might make a post detailing them soon.
I wanted a simple way to practice bass without being tied to my amp or paying for a Vox AmPlug.
Now I can just plug my bass straight to phones or Bulbaspeaker; there is also an aux in of course.

The mist chamber is proving to be a bit of a challenge. I made sure to use acetone resistant materials such as polypropylene, butyl rubber, stainless steel. However, I misjudged the ability of acetone mist to evenly circulate around the chamber without a fan. The design also does not account for splashing of droplets due to the transducer.

What results is naturally an uneven smoothing and splotchiness where droplets of acetone land on my ABS parts.

There are also minor leaks where I used hot air plastic welding to connect PP parts. Purely a skill issue, I’m new to hot air welding of plastics. A redesign is in order, but spare time is sparse these days.

Look forward to my new and improved mist chamber.

See you space cowboy~

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